The Word
The Word on Wednesday seeks to create a safe, open space for students to express themselves creatively, while pushing poetry beyond the proverbial *snaps* and claps (though, even those are welcome in our all inclusive environment) in an effort to promote words as the written and oral outlets for all UCLA students to celebrate individuality, build community, find power and purpose via the voice, learn the professional side of this special artifice of poetry through quarterly, free, super dope, open writing workshops hosted by prominent poets in and outside of Los Angeles. In addition, The Word vows to foster greater understanding of all art forms that utilize The Word as an instrument and provide a venue for your stories, to hear the stories of others through quality, spectacular productions in poetry (of course), music, comedy, live art, live shows and more. Testify, be heard, explore the Word inside of yourself---It's not just just poetry. Come catch the Word every Wednesday at 7PM in the Ackerman Viewpoint Lounge.