About CAC

What is the Cultural Affairs Commission?

The Cultural Affairs Commission is one out of the thirteen offices in USAC, the Undergraduate Student Association Council. The mission of the Cultural Affairs Commission (CAC) is to put on quality programming with cultural, political, or social relevance that are accessible to all students. The commission is focused on “edutainment” (education + entertainment), arts activism, and student-run programs that ignite dialogue regarding current events, facilitate an exhibition of creativity, and promote cultural opportunities on campus. From Bruin Bash to Hip Hop Explosion to the JazzReggae Festival, our events are some of the most recognized events at UCLA, bringing entertainment to both campus and the greater Los Angeles community, all in a collective effort to promote cultural awareness and dialogue.

What is USAC?

“USAC” is an acronym for Undergraduate Students Association Council, the governing body of the Undergraduate Students Association (USA) whose membership is comprised of every UCLA undergraduate student. USAC’s thirteen student officers and commissioners are elected by members of the Undergraduate Students Association at an annual election held during Spring Quarter. USAC serves UCLA students in many ways, primarily advocating for student needs and concerns on and off campus.

2014-2015 Executive Team

Commissioner: Irmary Garcia

Chief of Staff: Grace Lynch

Chief of Staff: Bianca Rosas

Administrative Coordinator: Amy Shao

Administrative Coordinator: Jason Shang

Co-Marketing Director: Sean Perfecto

Co-Marketing Director: Grace Jin

2013-2014 Directors

Art Series Director: Hannah Leiber

The Collective Director: Samantha Ong

Concerts Series Director: Courtney Holcomb

DiverseCity Tours Co-Director: Isabella Buckman

DiverseCity Tours Co-Director: Viviana Vivero

Hip Hop Congress Co-Director: Neima Patterson

Hip Hop Congress Co-Director: Mukhtar Kaissi

The Word Co-Director: Sandy Vazquez

The Word Co-Director: Kim Nguyen

Worldfest Co-Director: Vanessa Basulto

Worldfest Co-Director: Danielle Nguyen

JazzReggae Festival Co-Executive Producer: Jasmine Pierik

JazzReggae Festival Co-Executive Producer: Madeline Jones


UCLA Cultural Affairs Commission
311 Kerckhoff Hall
308 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90024
Tel: (310) 825-6564

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  • "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." #MLK #CAC #UCLA
  • Did you know that J. Cole headlined the 2011 Hip Hop Explosion? Who do you want to perform this year? Find out soon! #CAC #UCLA #JCOLE #HHE
  • Last week The Word featured the talented Pages Matam. Come through tonight @7:30 at Kerkchoff Art Gallery to see more dope talent! #UCLA #CAC #theword
  • Have you liked @culturalaffairs on IG yet? You could see these guys and more for free! #UCLA #CAC #oddfuture