Worldfest is a series within the Cultural Affairs Commission that is dedicated to using the art of all cultures to celebrate diversity, ignite social, political, and cultural dialogue, and promote awareness, acceptance, and unity amongst the UCLA community. In order to achieve these goals, they host an annual celebration of culture with the same name – and this years’ Worldfest is about to begin!

Beginning Thursday, April 11th and lasting all the way until Saturday, April 20th, Worldfest will be hosting a myriad of eclectic events that celebrate a variety of different cultures, allowing UCLA students to develop a greater understanding of the diversity inherent in the student body. That’s right – for a full two weeks, all UCLA students will have the opportunity to experience some of the most fascinating parts of various cultures in fun, hands-on ways. Events include a week-long student art gallery, cooking lessons, a class on henna tattooing, a trip to Filipino Town, and more. The on-campus dining halls will feature distinct cuisines each night of Week 3. Even better, ALL of these eye-opening events are completely FREE for students. So if you’ve ever wanted to learn about another culture, or simply want to try some new, adventurous foods, come out to some Worldfest events and celebrate with us!

Keep an eye out for the full calendar of Worldfest events, coming soon!
You can keep up with all of this year’s Worldfest events via our Facebook page, HERE.