On Thursday, November 29 at 6:00 pm, CAC Art Series will be hosting a FREE Opening Reception for Neal Hendrix’s Photography Exhibition in Kerckhoff Art Gallery. There will be food, drinks and a Q+A with Neal.

Neal is a professional skateboarder and photographer who decided to pick up a camera and start documenting his adventures around the world.

“I started out with crappy film cameras, moved to equally crappy digital point-and-shoot cameras, and eventually evolved to respectable tools of the trade. Throughout that evolution, my creative passion
crystalized: looking through a lens is no longer about documenting the places that I’ve skateboarded, but about capturing moments in the lives of people who live so differently from me, who get through their
day in unusual ways, and who have never even seen a skateboard.”

The gallery will be up until December 8.

RSVP for the Opening Reception on Facebook.
For more information about Neal Hendrix, visit his website.